Whether it be a wedding, birthday or other special occasion in your life, we know & appreciate beautiful things. Therefore we offer a Wedding Registry & Gift Selection service which you can fill full of beautiful elegant individual pieces. Handpicked by you &/ or your loved one, we create with you a unique registry of all your favourite pieces.

We have an extensive range of modestly priced gifts through to larger more extravagant pieces of furniture, mirrors or art for your guests to choose from. Our large range will give your guests the option of spending what they like with the reassurance that their gift will have a special place in your home & heart. All gifts on the Registry are especially wrapped and delivered to you on the date of the occasion together with a master list to remind you who each gift is from.

As our gift to you on your special day we also select a gift from your registry as a little Thank you from us all at Antique Upholstery & Interiors!