Robs humble beginnings go back to 1968 when in his 1st year at Thebarton Boys Technical School; a young and enthusiastic Robert C Koleff chose welding as one of his tech studies. Upon completion of this, he welded a metal stool frame he was shown the technique of upholstering a padded vinyl seat, which was then fitted to this bar stool. Robert recalls, 'It was a wonderful feeling of self accomplishment to construct my very first upholstered piece of furniture. Ironically this feeling has never faded even after 40 years of service to the industry & thousands of quality-upholstered works completed.

In January of 1972 Robert began his apprenticeship at T.H Browns (then was SA's largest and most highly regarded furniture manufacturers). Rob recalls after being handed his tradesman indentures to him by the T.H Brown Company Manager John Fitzner with the words

'Just because you are a tradesman, doesn't mean you know it all' – how right he was, as you never stop learning!

With 10 years of skills, in his 1st company, Rob gained further knowledge with time at various Furniture manufacturers before finally honing his traditional skills & methods at Daws & Vial Upholsterers. (Then Adelaide's longest est. Upholsterers - under the now Retired Kevin Green). 'Kevin was one of the old school, a great man and a great tradesman who was also taught by my mentor: The late Harold Alfred Hepworth. In fact Kevin was Harold's first apprentice and Rob was fortunate enough to be one of his last.


Rob is a member of the Furnishing Industry Association of Australia and SA's only accredited service provider in upholstery to the Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association.


Rob offers the highest quality service in Furniture, Upholstery, Re-upholstery, Restoration & custom made orders, deep buttoning & scotch guarding.

In a recent Newspaper Article Rob commented

'The trends in furniture constantly change yet quality antiques will never. Even upholstering methods move with the times, yet the timeless quality of traditional springing and deep buttoning are unsurpassed. We must pass on these skills to new apprentices to be able to traditionally conserve these works of art'

Rob has upholstered some of the finest Antiques in Australia and worked on countless major projects including 5 Star Hotels – Hyatt & Southern Ocean Lodge.